At Jamal Colony in Raozan, 30 houses burned ashes


At Jamal Colony in Raozan, 30 houses burned ashes

The fire in the colony Jamal de Raozan. Photo: Playing

At least 30 residents of Jamal Colony were burned to ashes in the Raozan Upazila fire in Chittagong.

The fire began in the electric short circuit in the Sadar Munshirghata area on Sunday afternoon.

After obtaining information, four fire brigade units tried for about an hour and a half and brought the fire under control. However, no coincidence occurred.

Witnesses said the fire started Sunday afternoon at the local Jamal Colony due to a short-circuit fire.

At the beginning of the news, two Rauzan Fire Service units tried to control the fire. Then came two more units from Hathazari.

But in a moment, the flame of fire flashed around. The documents, including furniture, furniture and daily necessities, were burned to ashes in 30 colonel families. Residents said about 5 million rupees were lost in the fire.

Meanwhile, as soon as the fire was organized, Munshighatara's local businessmen tried to remove their property. Chittagong-Rangamati kept the goods on the road and traffic was blocked for about an hour. The movement was normal when the fire was under control at 18.55.

Rauzan Fire Service Station Officer Ashraful Islam said that no such incident happened. There was a rumor of a missing child The baby was found later. After receiving the news, the fire was controlled in an hour and a half after going to the scene.


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