Artificial Legs Get Russell | The Daily Bangla Star


In April last year, Russell (26), who lost his legs on the Greenlane Paribahan bus, received an artificial foot.

Head of the Prosthetics and Orphans Division at the Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralytic (CRP) According to Mohammad Shafiq, our Savar correspondent said that Russel received an artificial foot made by Switzerland around 11:30 today (18 April).

He said that the full cost of CRP was supported.

Dr. Shafiq said: "After the various revisions, we gave Russel an artificial basis this morning."

It usually takes four weeks to adjust to the artificial legs, he said, adding that Russell would have to try.

Russell told our correspondent that he had been disappointed to lose his legs last year. But now he's dreaming of getting back to normal life.

How does Russell lose his legs?

On May 28, 2014, Mayor Mohammad Hanif hit the Russell area in the Dhalpur area in the capital, a Green Line Transport bus near Flyover.

On the trail of a green-line bus driver with the particular driver Russell, his legs were damaged while driving the driver Russell.

After that, the Supreme Court fined the owner of the Greenlines transportation fifty thousand rupees. According to the Supreme Court directive on April 11, Greenlines delivered Tk 5 lakh to transport owner Russell. The court ordered the remaining 45 lakhs to be delivered within 30 days.


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