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Arshya disappeared from the honeymoon

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Arshya disappeared from the honeymoon

Lux star urse From small to crazy girl movie. I dream of being a hero. But she was married to Khoka's manager, Tota Mia, of Old Dhaka. Parrot Mia is easily simple. After marriage, he goes to Hanimun in Srimangal with his wife. There is a danger there

His beautiful wife Arshha disappeared and a director was seen by the photograph. Her heroine's hobby is awake again. He does not want to miss this opportunity. In the hands of the director, Arshya went to FDC.

In a play entitled 'Tota Miyar Hanimun', it can be seen in such a way that the actress Abhishek can be seen in this way. He joined the popular actor Sajal. Ali Sujon did it for Eid.

In the context of the play, said Arsha, the character is a lot of fun. Name Kulsum Begum. In the play, the audience can see what happens when a woman moves away from Hanimun. I've been working on several parts on Eid. The story of this play was always a small exception. The public will like it.

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