Tuesday , July 27 2021

Apple is bringing its own search engine!

Google has dominated the Internet world for more than two decades through search engines. But last August, it was heard that another world technology giant, Apple, is taking the field with eight points to compete with Google. Technology companies in the United States are considering bringing their own search engine like Google. About two months have passed since the news was released. Recently, rumors have begun to circulate that the iPhone maker will soon begin work on creating its own alternative to Google search.

According to a report in the Financial Times, Apple has already started testing Google to create an alternative search engine and the company’s engineering team is getting ready to start work. It is thought that the new search engine may be linked to the next Apple operating system, iOS 14. If it is not possible to include this major change in iOS, Apple may remove the Google search option from the next macOS or iPadOS. The company has already made a number of changes to the web search on Apple devices.

In addition, Apple already has a web crawler called Applebot and is working to create a larger database. Applebot helps the company manage multiple sites on a regular basis and provide accurate search results.

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