Appear as the Heroine Faria


One of the most popular heroine films that Faria could not find for several years. He does not even know where he is staying except for his career. An actress of such great size has disappeared!

Several newspapers circulate in the newspapers. Most of these reports are inaccurate, with no basis. In such a situation, a reporter named Tipu discovered him in Pattaya, Thailand.

It is known that Faria currently works at a company in Oakhan. Faruar became familiar with the investigation. Tapu wants to know why he kept it a secret for so many years? Faria does not respond. I just said that he wants to forget his previous life.

Why would Faria want to forget the memory of her colorful life? Why are so many fans left behind? These questions will be answered in a play entitled & # 39; How Would & # 39; Dyal Saha composed the drama portrayed in Thailand. The play was directed by Dipu Hajra.

In this play, the popular actress Aparna Ghosh, from Farahia, played Faria. Farhana Ahmed Jovan, Farhad Babu, Mahbub Shaheen and others also starred in the Concept Multimedia Produced Play.

According to the source, the drama will be broadcast on RTV at 8 pm Friday night.


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