Another thought


Personal Reporter | November 19, 018, Monday, 8:29

This time around, popular actress model Ashna Habib thought. There is no lack of appeal to the viewer. Thinking means something different. There is a great demand for the audience in their plays. He himself feels quite at ease in presenting himself to the public in different ways. Each piece is different in your character. She is playing the role of a woman protesting in the movie "Joshnaamy" of Citizen TV. A girl in the strangle battle. A series of titles titled "Jajir Masters", which is believed to be promoted in Bengali vision. He is acting in the role of Malka Banu. It's a piece in the history of comedy, he said. Recently he played a sergeant on a solo piece. The thought is that an artist come in front of the viewers through various characters. The audience does not receive the same character repeatedly. I always try to have something new in my character. Or why the viewer will see it. If the viewer has no material to examine, it is best not to do the job. In addition to acting, thought is also busy writing his second novel.
Bhuna said, I have more love from everyone for my first novel. In the second novel, I would like to be surprised. But your text is still at an early stage. He went on to explain his first novel "Gulnehar". It is very much appreciated in the reader's audience. After that, he made the phone, too. Also responds to the public. Gulenah's novel is composed of an old man.


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