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And it's only two days away …

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And it's only two days away ...

Actress Talus Nusrat Jahan has arrived in the media saying she will marry after the 17th Lok Sabha elections in India. That will be true. Newly elected member Nusrat Jahan is getting married a week later. All of this is very busy in your home.

On June 19, Turkey will marry her boyfriend Nikhil Jain in Istanbul, with Tollywood Glamoras as the actress. Before that, on the morning of June 13, Gahihlud will be in Calcutta.

At the ceremony at Nusrat's house, it is known that the favorite girlfriend Mimi Chakraborty will be involved. Both wear yellow clothes.

The celebration will begin in Istanbul two days before the wedding. June 17, at the luxury yacht party, June 18, Mehedi and music and at the wedding on June 19.

Mm in Turkey It is known that the actress and newly elected MP will wear the traditional designer clothes at the wedding ceremony. Seven dresses have already been selected for a friend's wedding.

But no other Tollygunge celebrity will be present in Istanbul without Mimi.

Earlier, the invitation was sent to Dev and Jeet to Istanbul. They are not allowed to work because of job occupation.

Nikhail Jain, the head of the Nusrat, is one of Kolkata's renowned industrialists. MP After completing his studies at the Birla Foundation at Warwick University, England's Administration course. Currently established in Kolkata. Your conversation with Nusrat in the form of work

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