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Posted: November 07, 018, 14:54

On November 1, Aishwarya's birthday was on November 1. And on a special day, the groom went on tour in Goa in the country with his wife and daughter. Bollywood's famous couple of stars, Abhishek-Aishwarya, who is in a good mood, let them know that now.

In the meantime, social media shared several scenes of happy moments spent in Goa. There you can see that Abhishek is delighted – Aishwarya In addition, some people took pictures of Abhishek-Aishwarya without permission. They have spread to social media.

Abhishek in a pool in Goa – Images of personal moments of Aishwarya have been spreading in social media. The old world beauty captured the black swimsuit. The girls were with them, too.

Meanwhile, Aishwarya has not hosted his big party around the birthday.

It is known that since the death of his father, Aishwarya wants to stay away from the party. However, there is no shortage of efforts to comfort his wife and debut.

Eight years later, Abhishek has starred again – Aishwarya Image Name & # 39; Gulab Jamun & # 39; If all is right, filming will start in 2019. This photo

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