After the wedding, Subhashree is returning to the big screen by Raj's hand


Raj Chakraborty and heroine Shubhashree Gangopadhyay. Photo: collected

Gala got married in the year of Tollywood! Director Raj Chakraborty and the heroine Shubhashree Gangopadhyay tied the knot. Then the Raj came to the busy parishala in the world, Shuvashri! But again on the shooting ground! But there is no other director. After the wedding, Shuvashri Kamabakake the picture of Raj!

Raj Chakraborty's next film, Parinita, will be seen at Rajagarini. Happy Mercenary Rajar shared photo of the movie on social networks!

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He said, the third photo of Raj Chakraborty Productions & # 39; Paranoid. In addition to Shubhashree, Ritik Chakraborty, Gourob Chakraborty. The very director Raj Script and dialogue will be written in Padmanav Dasgupta. Director of photography Manas Gangopadhyay, musical director Orkprav Mukherjee

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