After the announcement of the retiree Gayle!


Gayle 10 thousand runs 3 thousand and six dead! Photo: AFP

Shortly thereafter, he retired from cricket a day after the World Cup. After the announcement of a series of storms after the ad announcement, who will say that Gayle has reached the end of his career!

A few days ago, Amur said: "I want to stop after the World Cup." Of course in 50 overs cricket World Cup is my end.I want to give young people the chance to have fun.I'll be seen sitting out of the field "But at the age of 39, the" old "Chris Gayle has been taking advantage of the ODIs, which will say that the opening will be retired after the World Cup!

Before the start of the series, Gayle had a total of 476 sixes in all forms of cricket. In the record of the top six in cricket history, he was in partnership with Shahid Afridi of Pakistan. But the six-figure mark must be shared with anyone, do not like it! Select the five-game ODI series against England by taking the record for yourself. That decision, that job! After the fourth game of the series, 30 sixes died, all sexes Gayle now 506! He is the first cricket player to reach 500 sixes in all forms of cricket.

In the one-dayer series room in Grenada, the West Indies went 419 races against the West Indies in the first innings. Ryan did not hit the mountain, his eyes in the eyes of the West Indies answered. A Gayle was a wicket! Before being ejected by Stokes, an explosive of 97 touches of 97 had a turn. Jamaican openers mean that the announcement of your retirement does not mean that it is out! Gayle, who scored 162 runs in 14 fours and 14 fours, said she could spread the light in the full bloom of her career. 128 races at the stand took place! The century of the 55 balls is the fastest of its race in the ODI, and the second fastest among the batters of the Windies. The name of Bangladesh is the fastest century in the history of the Caribbean scouts. In 1999, Brian Lara scored a century against Bangladesh in 45 balls.

In this innings, Gayle rewrote his name on several pages of ODI records. Lara became the first Caribbean drummer to become a member of the 10,000 ODI clubs. More than 13 people were members of 10,000 clubs before Gayle in ODIs. Former Sri Lankan captain Sanath Jayasuriya, who scored a milestone of 10,000 hits, was the only former captain in Australia, Ricky Ponting, who became a member of 10,000 clubs in all four matches.

Gayle has hit 30 sixes against England in this series so far. There is no example of hitting six six in a one-day series or a tournament. Gayle's previous record was also clear. He made 26 sixes in the 2015 World Cup. In day one cricket he was 71 against England in a total of 71 six. There is no one to register as many as six in ODIs against a particular opponent. Rohit Sharma and Shahid Afridi, who are behind him, have put the record back. Rohit's favorite opponent, Australia, who scored six-sixths in the one-day international against Australia in the series, hit six-six. Afridi kills 63 against Sri Lanka.

Afridi is still in possession of the record of hitting six sixes in one-day internationals, despite having taken a record six more in all forms of cricket. Afridi has six in ODIs where 351 runs, Gayle 305 As Gayle has returned to the pace when declaring retirement, where the World Cup final, the record that Afridi will be in possession, where is his guarantee!


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