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After the doll, the photo of the wood on the biscuits!

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Updated:March 26, 2019, at 04:49 PM IST

# Mumbai: Paparazzi Camera Mummy, Event with Daddy, Role, Party or Movie Location! Taimur Ali Khan, son of Saif-Kareena, has already made a documentary with Limelight. In social media, its popularity! The eyes of Khan-Kapoor in the eyes of the monologue fan! Tumur is already seen selling dolls on the market, this time the photo of the Timur images on the cookies! Photos of Tiemur images were viral in social media. & # 39; The Cake Company & # 39; created this special cookie. From the source, this cookie was made on a special occasion based on a specific order.

Thakuma Sharmila Tagore and Ranidir Kapoor, Kareena's father, have already opposed the timeline being in Limelight. Sharmila's speech was, "Almost every day, Taimur's picture appears on Page Three." Maybe I should be happy about it, but I'm old-fashioned, I think children should not get into such a limelight. " Khan openly open his mouth about Taimur's popularity! It was said that Tiemur means spotlight center! If you leave home, this becomes news, and how much effort it takes to create any news about them! It's not the end of the Simba Star & # 39; also said that the popularity of Taimur is not popular any of the Pataudi family! However, Karina thinks that the younger Taimur should know, and the son of the couple of stars. Wherever they go, they will be in the spotlight. If you practice this habit, they will have the advantage in the future!

Although Taimur's photo on cookies is still viral, no member of the Kapoor or Khan family opened their mouths openly!

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