After killing rape, she murdered his wife


Tamanna Akhter (15) of the Brahmanbaria sadar upazila alleged that after a student rape she was strangled to death and she was charged with dowry. Police recovered the body of the pupil from her in-laws' home in the village of Shalgaon in the upazila Union Nati (south) on Thursday afternoon.

The late Tamanna is the daughter of Noab Mia of Shalgaon village. She was a ninth grader from a school in that village. Dulawai Naeem Islam (27) has been fleeing since the incident.

Tamanna's older sister, Smriti Akhter, told reporters that Naim worked with her father Basu Mia as a night watchman on the city's roadside market. On Monday, Tamim arrived home with Naeem Bose Mia went to work on Wednesday night, but Naim was not. Asked why he did not go to the memorial, Naeem said he would go to Dhaka to bring his mother in the morning.

He also said that around 9:30 p.m., Naeem had fed his daughter Jannat with peanut juice. Jannat fell asleep while she ate the juice. Then Tamanna also asked to eat juices, if she did not eat Tamanna juice, then Smriti Jus Khan. After eating the juice, the memory became unconscious. He got up in the morning and called Tamanna, but did not answer. Then he went to Tamanana and discovered that his body was with blood. Naeem fled to the house of one of the sardines of the house. Memorial alleged that Naeem had strangled Tamanna after rape.

Police Inspector Model Brahmanbaria Sadar (Investigation) Atikur Rahman told Jago that police recovered the body and sent him to the morgue at Sadar Hospital for autopsy. Tamanah's secret was bloody. After receiving the autopsy report, you can find out more.

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