After a long break, Akhil returned to the movie again


After a long interval, the actress acts again. He will be regular in the movie. But in the web series, the contract is back in the world. So the hunger to work on the film remains. Now this desire is filled with pure gold.

Recently he signed a new film called "Ragi & # 39; Mizanur Rahman Mizan will be the director of the film. The opening scene of the film begins on Tuesday (January 15) at the FDC.

Ankal said: "It's better not to work than to do any harmless work, not good. For that reason, I wanted to move slowly. I like the story of the angry photo & # 39; The story of how one family goes to ruin due to the ruined society and another member of the same family tries to bring it back in a good way.

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In addition to the film, a new movie was hired in the film. The name of this new series, directed by the unique Mamun, & # 39; Journey & # 39; Acting on him – Imtu Ratish, Bipasha Kabir, Sanju John and Papia. Filming will start on January 30th.

In 2011, & # 39; Wrong & # 39; appeared in the film as a heroine. The actress came to the discussion via 'Bailey Road'. So far, Shakib Khan, Emon, Arifin Shuvo and Bappi Chowdhury, Shahriyad, have worked together on a number of films.

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