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Shahid Afridar fans from around the world. In Bangladesh, the number of fans is slightly higher. Then, at the stadium, there was an attack on the posters written by Mary Me Afridi. Many people have forgotten the history of Ekatore yet to honor the religious jiki, the Pakistani cricketer still in praise. The former captain of Pakistan gave a "big gift" to fans. According to him, the Bangladesh cricket team is very nominative. Although Pakistan has lost its nakani chubani in the last four years.

In the Pakistan ODI series, the Pakistan Cricket Board rested a few established players. In addition to Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed, the remainder was given to Fakhar Zaman, Babar Azam and Hasan Ali, Shadab Khan and Shahin Afridi. The reason is that players need to rest after playing in the South Africa series and PSL. So England wants cricket players to be updated before the World Cup. But young people in Pakistan could not afford the opportunity. In the first two ODIs of the series, Pakistan, without any rivalry, evaluated the rate without any competition.

Pakistani Cricket Council has faced criticism Afridi has dragged Bangladesh into a cause of criticism of the PCB. "If the game was against Bangladesh, Zimbabwe or 7/8, I would have given the opportunity to new players with the rest of the senior players," he told reporters. But the game is against Australia, if you score against them, the confidence of the players will increase. Those who have not been rested, they are playing 15-20 cricket. So I do not think it was good to give them rest. "

It should be noted that the Bangladeshi team beat Bangladesh 3-0 in the series of one day in the year 2015. Pakistani team led by Afridi lost in the Asian Cup in the Asian Cup in 2016, Asian Cup: Bangladesh In 2010, the Pakistan team had to lose against the strong team against Bangladesh without Shakib Tamim. And overall, in the last five years against Pakistan, in the last six limited games, 5 defeats the strongest team in Pakistan, Tim Tiger.

Before commenting on it, Afridi did not think his shame would be revealed!


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