Afridi ri from Bangladesh, asking to see statistics


Pakistan failed to create any resistance in the first two ODIs against Australia. Shoaib Malik's army recovered from a 2-0 draw in the ODI 5-game series in the United Arab Emirates. Now they are afraid to evaluate the series.

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi was dismissed. He can not accept the rest of the team's best stars against strong Australia. Despite giving an opinion on this, the country's obscure cricket player ignored Bangladesh.

Afridi said that cricket players, like Australia, not against Zimbabwe or Bangladesh, have a feeling of rest. Your comments are not well accepted. He is asked to look at recent Bangladesh-Pakistan statistics.

Bangladesh-Pakistan have faced nine new faces in all three editions of cricket since 2015. The Pakistanis have left the field with six balls to face. Since then, he has played three T20s, four international one-day and two tests, two teams. Pakistan have no chance of winning a draw and one in two tests, but in the last days and twenty games, Lost in three T20 international, each of the four wins a day was defeated.

Bangladesh is breathing in Pakistan's neck in one-day classifications. Pakistan, Pakistan Tamim and Shakib in the limited cricket, before being ignored by the two teams, the statistics of the last statistics could have bilalei!


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