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Additional speed, more passengers or parts failure?

<img class = "jwMediaContent image aligncenter" title = "The train derailed on Sunday night in Kulaura Photo: Prothom Alo" alt = "The train derailed on Sunday night in Kulaura. "data-jadewitsmedia =" {& # 39; status & # 39 ;: & # 39; success & # 39 ;, & # 39 ;, & # 39 ;: & # 39; 1450516 & # 39 ;, & # 39 ;, & # 39; ;: Jpg; thumbnail: paloimages.prothom 25 / 737cf1fcc39e72fabb01801fd54333ca-5d125fd71ad56.jpg & # 39;, & # 39;: media 2019/06/25 / 737cf1fcc39e72fabb01801fd54333ca-5d125fd71ad56.jpg & # 39 ;, & name; : "Kulhurya derailed on Sunday night, a few tricks from the Wahban Express train." "Aligning & # 39 ;, Lining & # 39; 39 ;, & # 39 ;, align center & # 39 ;, align center & # 39 ;, & # 39 ;, & # 39 ;, & # 39; target & # 39; Some trains on the suburban train derailed on Sunday night. Photo: Prothom Aloe, # 3, # 3 9; alt & # 39;: & # 39; Some trains on the suburban train derailed Sunday night. Image: Prothom-alo & # 39;} "width =" 800 "src =" -5d125fd71ad56.jpg "The train was running faster than scheduled speed." Passengers were also more likely to have errors in the train parts. The people involved may have engaged in train accidents in the upazila Kulaura of Moulvibazar on Sunday night.

Railway authorities formed two committees of inquiry to investigate the cause of the accident. Meanwhile, the members of the committee's investigation committee were appointed. In addition to the speed of the train, they saw the error of the parts of the train with more passengers.

Meanwhile, railway officials and senior railway officials, including Nurul Islam Sujon, are due to visit the crash site on Wednesday morning. Assistant Commissioner (Land) of Kulaura upazila Sadi Ur Rahim confirmed the information.

A member of the investigation committee, the Divisional Engineer-2 of Ahsan Jabir, headquarters of the Railway, said at first light on the cell phone that they visited the scene of the accident. The speed of the train should be 60 miles per hour. They found evidence of having more speed.

Engineer Ahsan said some parts of the train were found on the brakes and parts of the wheels were broken. There were 17 passengers on board in the capacity of additional passengers. Accidents can happen due to excessive speed, excessive passenger transportation or parts failure. But there may be other reasons.

To find out the speed of the train, the cell phone was contacted by the driver of the Dhaka section of the accidental train Abdus Sattar. Knowing the identity of journalists "after talking" cut the connection. He tried to communicate more than once but did not call the phone.

Assistant station chief Shafiqur Rahman, who was in charge of the station station, did not pick up the phone after trying to contact him several times. But the engineer of the retired railroad division said on condition of anonymity that the train taxis were very old. Parts are not being repaired. Patchwork

The engineer said that during the break, a machine called Cooling Rod is designed to prevent the wheel from falling under the train compartment. Accidents can occur if they get stuck on the rail when they are under the brakes. Accidents can also occur due to the speed of the specified speed range or due to train wheel error, other parts including the bracket.

Engineer said that before leaving the train, several parts are examined by him in the grave (the place for examination). But there is no path at Sylhet railway station. When leaving the train, only the normal tests were carried out standing on the railway line.

It should be noted that the train went from Sylhet to Dhaka on Sunday evening on the Antanagar Suburban Express train. As he crossed the train station on the way to Kulaura, a railroad culvert broke and left five wagons. In it, under a bridge of compartment and four bogies were inclined by the railway line. Four passengers were killed in this. Hundreds of passengers were injured.

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