Aamir Khan's biopsy boy is the best!


Aamir Khan and Junaid How advantageous to have children of children! Proceed II. Additional opportunities can be found everywhere. In particular, Bollywood practice is on. It has been shown before the film is being talked about the children of the stars. Even some of the discussions since its inception. If any of these children, some hidden stars, out of the discussion. The eldest son of Amir Khan, Junaid, There is no discussion about him; But Baba Amir thinks Jonayed is his best choice in his biographical films.

The two children of Amir Khan, Junaid Khan and Ira Khan There is not much discussion with them. Nowadays, they have to go somewhere with the star Baba. It is important to be present at the entertainment venue. Since then, many people have been encouraged by them. Especially the press.

Aamir's daughter, Ira, draws pictures. The actor Junk wants to be But when? Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao were co-produced by Rabaru Roshni. He said, Junaid wants to come to the movies. But do not want to come to the discussion before filming. Amir, actors or director want to see the child? Amir Khan said: "Jonaid wants to act."

Looking for a good script for Junaid. He will accept that if he gets a character, he will start the job. Amir is satisfied with his son's performance. If you have a good story, the hero of the popular hero will fall on the job. Amir Khan said: "I strongly believe in the screen test.If Junaid pass the screen test, then he will understand, he can.If you can not pass the screen test, then you will not pass.

The biographical portrait of Amir if Junaid can act? With that question, Aamir Khan said: "Sure, you can. Junaid will be my best choice if I am biopic.

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan recently took on a bigger role. She will interpret Krsna in a script called & # 39; Mahabharat & # 39; But it is not yet known, & # 39; Mahabharata & # 39; will it be a movie or not a web series? But Amir Khan is in full swing. This epic shootout will begin this year. Bollywood Hungama


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