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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina chaired the ECNEC meeting yesterday

The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) approved a project every six minutes. On Sunday, the ECNEC meeting approved a total of 39 projects to break all previous records. The ECNEC meeting began at 3.30 p.m. and finished at 7.30 p.m. So it was approved for one to four minutes or two minutes every six minutes. In the last ten years of the current government, the ECNEC meeting approved most of the projects yesterday.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina chaired the meeting held in the NEC conference room in the city of Sher-e-Bangla Nagar. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina spoke with the 14-party alliance in Ganobhaban at 8 pm at the ECNEC meeting. The Electoral Commission will announce national electoral programming on November 8. Thus, yesterday's ECNEC meeting said that the last meeting of the current government was announced by several senior officials of the Planning Commission.

The ECNEC meeting approved four separate projects for the purchase of various types of vehicles and equipment to increase the capacity of nine police stations in the Gulshan area, Agargaon Police Anti-Terrorism and International Criminal Defense Center and 9 residential buildings for police officers in the metropolitan area of Dhaka and increased police force. In addition, a project was approved to increase the technical and technical capacity of RAB. The government tried to keep everyone happy before the elections. The ECNEC meeting yesterday approved the project for rural infrastructure development, municipal development, university infrastructure development and hospital construction.

Planning Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal told reporters after the meeting that the ECNEC meeting approved a total of 39 projects to cost Tk 86,687 crore. Of these, the state treasury will be provided from 66,000 takas of 466 crore. 313 crores will come from the implementing agency and loans from development partners will be available in Tk 19,908.

Speaking to officials of the Planning Commission, unusual project approval before the election began on September 11 at the Ecnec meeting. At that meeting, 18 projects were approved. Then, at each executive meeting, an average of 20 projects were approved. On October 30, the ECNEC meeting approved 24 projects. Over the past 9 years, Ekken has approved an average of eight to ten projects. It was twice as many as three times before the election. Planning Commission officials had to work Friday and Saturday at weekends.

After reviewing the projects, talking to committee officials, there are many projects, which have no guarantee if the money will be available for implementation. There are no projects, no study has been done. The Commission also has doubts about how logical these projects should be. The expiration of both projects and expenses was increased. But due to the fact that expenses and salary were increased, it was not even during the scrutiny and analysis that the commission officials. Even a secretary had to gather five project evaluation committees (PECs) in five days. In the last month and a half, 190 projects were approved at the Ececec meeting; Projects that cost more than two million rupees will be implemented. This year, where the size of the ADP is 73 billion rupees, where a month and a half of the approved project money will arrive, there is no doubt about the commission's staff.

Among projects approved at the ECNEC meeting yesterday, the construction of the Dual Gauge line from Joydevpur to Ishwardi of the Bangladesh Railway project is significant. It is estimated that the implementation cost is 14,250 taka crore. For the implementation of the 100-foot canal excavation project on both sides of Purbachal Link Road (from Kuril to Boalia), the cost will be 10,329 crores. In addition, there is also a project for the construction of terminal for dove ports and extension facilities for the cost of about four thousand crores. ECNEC approved Taka amendment 9,880 crores to increase the cost of tunnels under the Karnaphuli River by Taka 11,446 crores, increasing the cost of Taka 433 crores. Expansion of the expansion of the runway of Cox's Bazar Airport will cost Tk 3,710 crore In addition, the cost of building 9 residential tower buildings in the Dhaka metropolitan area will be 976 crore taka.


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