68 years old to retire from cricket!


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Yunen Chatfild was introduced in 1975. International games have not been played since 1989. But he has played club cricket for the past 30 years

He left the answer to the debate. There are many ways to respond to the debate. Someone does great things with the bat, someone with a ball. This can be done by doing something great in the field. But, contrary to what Yunchenchfeld replied, the comparison does not compare with anything else.

Bat or ball with nothing, Chip Girl caught the test in the debut! In February 1975, 24-year-old defender Chapepillde made his debut against England in Auckland. Batting as a batsman number 11 Suddenly, the Englishman Peter Lever hit a safety chin. Immediately he fell to the ground, Chatfild, for a while his breathing stopped. All were put to death. Fateh, then Fiji Baronand Thomas of the England team was on the field. Chattfeld is gradually becoming normal again in his efforts.

The story of that chatfield suddenly came back because she retired from cricket for so many days. The former Kiwi rhythm player announced his retirement from cricket at age 68. No, it's not international cricket, it has not been played since 1989. But these 30 years have played club cricket. This time the jute was also removed.

Richard Hadlee's combination of the ball was Chatfild. For the New Zealand side, there were some leg spinners in the length of the line and 123 wickets in 43 tests and 140 wickets in 114 ODIs. However, the whole carrier had to be the shadow of the handlery. The New Zealand Cricket, however, will also remember him for another reason besides the incident of his debut. In 1985, a partnership of 50 races for the last wicket against Pakistan won the very good Kiwis Test. In the game, 21 rounds in the same game as eleven number of scouts.

Even after leaving the international cricket and first class, so many days he played regularly in his club of the city Naina Old Boys. He was not playing just to play, but he was in good shape that he was on the team. The title & # 39; Naynee Express & # 39; was played in this club. After being dismissed in the last shifts of the last life, it seems the time has come to say goodbye. The local journalists made that decision and asked that they should not leave the last shift when they are off their knees.

"What would you be happy if you gave the title?" – The journalists want to meet you. Chatfild smiled and said, "Write down, the steam from Naynee Express is gone."
That's why chatfild is different!


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