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5-year-old child was brutally killed in Sunamganj

A five-year-old boy was hanged after being brutally murdered in Sunamganj's Dirai Upazila. The deceased was found in the ears, genitals and throat. He had two knives inserted in his stomach.

On Monday morning, people from the village of Kejoura in Derai upazila had to witness this horrible scene. Tuhin's father's name is Abdul Bashir. Tuhin was killed and hanged like that on Sunday night. Later the police recovered his body.

Imran Ahmed, a relative of the child, said Tuhin was the second of four brothers. Tuhin's father slept in the same room as his family on the night of the murder. Around midnight, Bashir's brother-in-law called people to sleep and said the door was open. Tuhin was not found indoors at the time. In their shouts, the neighbors got up and began looking for Tuhin. Seeing blood on the side of the road, new research led to the hanging of Tuhin's body near the mosque.

The child's uncle Abdul Mosbir said his brother had other land disputes in the village. But for that reason you can't even think of killing such a child. We are demanding justice for those who caused this incident.

Local Rajnagar union president Soumya Chowdhury said Salatul and Suleiman's names were engraved on the knife.

Deputy Inspector Abu Taher Mollah of the Derai precinct said: "We gathered information about the incident and started the investigation. The body was sent to Sunamganj Hospital for autopsy.

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