39th published BCS exam results


The Public Service Commission of Bangladesh (BPSC) has released the final results of the 39th special examination of doctors of BCS.

As a result, he recommended 4,442 people to the position of Assistant Surgeon and 250 to the Assistant Dentist Surgeon.

Earlier, the special meeting of the Bangladesh National Commission on Tuesday began at 12 noon.

PSC President Mohammad Sadiq confirmed the information and told the press that the results of the 39th Special BCS are final. It will be released very soon.

Generally, the PSC is meeting before the BCS final results. The publication of the results was published on the PSC website shortly thereafter.

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The 39th Preliminary Examination of the BCS was held on August 3, 2018. In this 37 thousand 583 people participated in the work.

Later, on September 6th, this special preliminary examination of the BCS resulted in the appointment of Assistant Surgeon 13,219 and 513 candidates to Assistant Dentist Surgeon. After that, on March 7, Viva was performed.


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