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Same Samad, the youngest daughter of tele-comedian Tele Samad, said the words. Talking about his father at night, he remembered his father and he was crying repeatedly.

Throughout his life, Tele Samad starred in a six-star film. But the National Film Awards remained in its power. Tele-Samad himself also lamented many times. He said it more than once before his death: "I've worked on films for four decades. In all those years, I've played in over 500 movies. My performance was appreciated in all the films. But in my past life, I'm sorry, I did not receive the National Film Award. In all my cinematographic life, I did not limit myself to acting. Produced images, sang songs in the film. Received many awards as a result of these. In these prizes, my house is full. Not only the National Film Award!

Comedy actor Tele Samad in the Bengali film Daput. He has done regular work since the 1970s. Time stopped. He again starred in the film in 2015. He was praised for his role in several popular films in a colorful film career. The love of the people of this country has to be devastated.

Untrained holiday bells, sampanwala, laily majnu, and bride bidaya, # 39; vat of & # 39 ;, Pinki now on the train & # 39 ;, Path to walk & # 39 ;, Day goes live & # 39 ;, Madhumita & # 39; ; , "Satai", "Pagaja Raja", "Nayamanni", "Land Awak", "Ghar Sansar", " # 39; Baurani & # 39 ;, Mati Ghar & # 39 ;, Nagar Dola & # 39 ;, Katha Dilaam & # 39 ;, The Last Answer & # 39 ;, & # 39; Orphan & # 39; , & Quot; Dilder Ali & # 39 ;, & quot; Pagan Man & 39. Farmer Girl & # 39 ;, Wada & # 39 ;, My Dream My Family & # 39 ;, Rikshao Alara boy & # 39; I do not mind reading on the table, the man & # 39; hands of the mother the key to the sky – Last of his performances at the points darsakamane keyamatasaha were cut. However, in a film career, a shrill sadness and sadness about the achievement of this national achievement seems to have escaped from the father. He said: "I do not like the performance of my father, the number of people who do not seem to have much in our country. Daddy has made a lot of great movies. There was a hint of father in the photo. Acting so much, many people have conquered the mind of so many years – in their life, once did not act as a National Film Award! Stay, what they are saying more Whoever wanted it, he left us today. The father went with a pain in the chest.

Speaking about his condolences at a film awards ceremony in 2016, Tele Samad said: "As it is a National Film Award, I think it is necessary for the team to reach it. When I will have the destiny and when I will receive the reward, it is Allah!

This comedian suffered from complex physical problems, including heart rate for more than five years. During this time he had to go to the hospital frequently. He was hospitalized at Hospital Square on Thursday night again after his physical condition deteriorated. If the situation got worse the next day, the doctors advised him to keep up with the popular life support of the Bollywood comedy actor. They died on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. He left his wife, two daughters, a son and many sympathizers. Two daughters in Dhaka and son Sumon Samad in the United States.

In the first light, Tele-Samad's eldest daughter, Sohaila Samad, said that the decision to bury her father near her father's tomb in Munshiganj, the village of Nayagon, was completed. Before the Zohar funeral on Sunday, the father will be taken to the FDC workplace for the last time. From 11am on Sunday, friends, colleagues and sympathizers of the film can honor the body. After namaz-e-janaza, his body will be taken to his house in the village.

Meanwhile, on Saturday afternoon, the body of Tele Samad was taken from the hospital in the Taqwa Mosque of Dhanmondi. The first namaz-e-janaza was held there. Then there is a second namaz-e-janaza in the mosque adjacent to his house in the West Rakhabazar area in Dhaka.

From the seventies of last century, television viewers saw Tele Samad. Despite so many films and dramas in various genres, he has a great influence on the viewers of his great acting audience. Tele Samad has always kept his audience entertained and entertained. Once the story of the comedian came up, his name came out. In movies and on television in parallel. You have a lot of popularity.

In 1966, he made his debut in the film "Car Bau" of Nazrul Islam. He has played nearly 600 films in four decades. Tele Samad did his last job at Animash Aich's Zero Degree in 2015. However, he gained popularity with the viewers' photos of 'Walking Path'. He sang in more than 50 films without acting.

Growing up in the cultural circle, Tele Samad was following his elder brother, Churshilpi Abdul Hai, and was admitted to the Faculty of Dhaka University. After entering the film, television photographer Mostafa Mamun of Bangladesh gave the nickname of Tele Samad. Since then he is known by that name.


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