3 photos of Hollywood together in Dhaka


Three Hollywood movies are being cast together in Dhaka. The images are "Men in Black: International", "The Secret Life of Petus 2" and & # 39; Toy Story 4 & # 39; Today, the photos will be released on Star Cineplex. Three photos can be seen in Bashundhara City and Border Stories Houses in the capital. About seven years later, the screen will appear in the fourth movie "Men in Black: International". Director F. Gary Gray Will Smith and actor Tommy Lee Jones respectively played the role of "Agent J" and "Agent K". Meanwhile, the animated film "The Secret Life of Pets", released in 2016, is being released as Blockbuster after "The Secret Life of Petus 2". On the other hand, Walt Disney Pictures' fourth story "Toy Story 4", the fourth installment of the "Toy Story" series, arriving 9 years later.


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