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1700 for killing the friend's son

Kamal Hossain, Lalbagh's deputy commissioner, said he was arrested for the murder of his father's friend Ramjan Sana, Yasin, accused of involvement in the killings.

There is a leased number of rent in the Shahidnagar area of ​​the tea shop area Ramjan Lalbagh. And Yasin is in Alinagar of Kamrangirchar. Once he ran a rickshaw, but he had no permanent work.

The heart of the student body of the Lalbagh New Islamia Government Primary School disappeared during Balur's recess on Saturday. On Sunday, his father filed a general diary with the police.

Later on Tuesday, villagers informed police about the bodies found at a secluded place in Alinagar in Kamrangirchar on Tuesday afternoon. After the father and mother of the heart identified the body of the dead, the deputy commissioner said the body was identified. Kamal Hossain said.

He said that after recovering the body, police identified Yasin after watching the video of CC cameras installed on the street in the field area of ​​Balur. In this video he was seen being carried by the hand. Later, the police arrested him.

Yasin is arrested

Yasin is arrested

Yasin said that he had received 1700 rupees for his father, unable to recover the money, he took the child to his house in Alinagar. killed the boy. "

Kamal Hossain said, after the death of his heart, leaving his body dead under the wheels of the house, on Saturday along with his wife, Yasin went to his mother-in-law's house. He was there for three nights.

"But fearing that the stench of the corpse would be caught, he returned home on Monday night, leaving the body in the saddle with a corpse somewhere."

Deputy Commissioner Kamal said, "Yes, when Ramadan was looking for his son in different places, Yasin also played with him as a friend." As a result, the police did not suspect him first. He was arrested after watching footage of CCTV.

Sheikh Para of Sonadanga from the village of Khulna, in the heart of Khulna Khulna. The hearts of the two sons of Ramadan were great.

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