Benzema: “I put aside my scoring soul for Cristiano”

[ad_1] InterviewKarim Benzema explains that for years he adapted his own game to Cristiano Ronaldo and talks about his troubled start at Real Madrid. President Florentino Pérez traveled personally to see him in Lyon before the move. Not being part of the French team in the world championship does not bother the striker, he says. … Read more

Volunteers in the UK are infected with Sars-CoV-2

[ad_1] The world’s first Human Challenge study for Covid-19 is scheduled to begin in London next January. Their goal: Young, healthy adults are infected with purified Sars-CoV-2 viruses under supervision to answer important questions that would not be possible by examining patients. We are initially looking for 50 healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 … Read more

“Cuties”: Netflix customers flee en masse because of controversial children’s dance films

[ad_1] The children’s dance movie “Cuties” caused outrage: on social media, critics accused the streaming service of distributing child pornography. Now they have taken revenge on Netflix with a boycott. Netflix unleashed a shit storm with a movie about 11-year-old girls working together. Politicians and social media users called for a boycott. Subscription numbers now … Read more

Brabus cafetina the smart electrician

[ad_1] Brabus After a cure on the Brabus tuner, the Smart Ultimate E blows your cheeks – and is starting at 92 hp. from Benjamin Bessinger, SP-X 10/24/2020 The setting somewhat resembles Asterix and the magic potion. Because, at first glance, the Smart is a small car in perfect condition that roams the city in … Read more

MMA king howls in the ring for his dead father

[ad_1] Twitter 1/7 MMA star Chabib Nurmagomedow cries for his late father. AFP 2/7 The champion stops – undefeated. Zuffa LLC via Getty Images 3/7 He also clearly won his last fight against American Justin Gaethje. 7/7 He returns to his Russian homeland. Chabib Nurmagomedow is a very big number on the MMA scene: … Read more launches early Black Friday offers

[ad_1] News launches early Black Friday offers 10/26/2020 (offers / promotions / ads) Starting today, presents “Early Black Friday Deals”. Even before the big week of Cyber ​​Monday / Black Friday, there are the first special shopping offers in all product categories on Amazon until November 19th. Black Friday takes place on November … Read more

Corona advance thanks to the eighth grade? She presented her great discovery in a school competition

[ad_1] Will coronavirus soon be a thing of the past? While corona vaccines were being developed around the world, a girl in Texas surprised a competition of ideas with an incredible discovery that could change everything. In the fight against Corona-Pandemie a significant step forward? 14 years it could change everything. Contest of ideas in … Read more