Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra: 120 W loading only on paper?

[ad_1] At the time of launch, the Chinese company claimed that the Ultra Model Mi 10 series supports 120 W. The Android Authority tested the charger and the smartphone and found the Xiaomi statement to be false. At the time of the launch of the smartphone, Xiaomi also claimed that the user would find in … Read more

Residents of Marianka are desperate: VIDEO The reconstruction of the street has been going on for 8 years, the mayor blames the builder

[ad_1] Residents of Marianka, municipal deputies and the mayor rightly point out the delay in the construction of Rua Bystrická, which also serves mainly cargo transportation. According to our information, the reason for the delay in construction is the unfounded objections of the developer VMBB, sro, whose District Construction Authority did not confirm the decision … Read more

The Xbox Series X and S consoles also have a remote control

[ad_1] Although Microsoft does not make an official remote control for the Xbox Series X and S, it does come from an officially licensed PDP. This is always indicated on the packaging by a green sticker. Specifically, this driver will cost $ 19 and is now available on Amazon. It will be on sale in … Read more

With these three vitamins, you will first defeat the coronavirus. We will advise you where to get them

[ad_1] Illustration image. Photo: shutterstoc.com/FamVeld With the current pandemic coronavirus we’ve been fighting for several months. Some are actively avoiding the virus, others, unfortunately, have already overcome it. COVID-19 has health consequences, breathing problems, shortness of breath, muscle pain, fever, etc. Long-term problems are still at the stage of scientific research, muscle weakness or fatigue … Read more