The first photos of the Moto G10 phone

[ad_1] Moto G9 Play was only published two months ago, and it looks like Motorola he is already finishing the work of his successor, who could take the name Moto G10 ili Moto G10 Play. The first photos of the phone appeared online, and some important changes are noticeable, which will make the new device … Read more

Medical advice and through the “zoom” application – Society

[ad_1] Personalized online counseling for asthmatics started with pulmonologists at the Municipal Institute of Lung Diseases Due to the epidemic caused by the corona virus, visits to doctors have been significantly reduced, announced the Patients’ Association “Let’s Overcome Asthma and Allergies” (A3). Writes: BBNovember 1, 2020 20.29 Photo: Pixabay / mohamed_hassan About eight percent of … Read more

WITNESS BECOMES SUSPECT Extensive investigation into bribery against officials of the Ministry of Agriculture

[ad_1] The Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime extended the investigation of the case against Deputy Minister of Agriculture Daria Janjic Nisavic and Cedomir Draskovic for accepting or bribing public contracts, to another suspect. The extensive investigation now includes Helga Stojanović, who was head of the Department of Public Procurement at the Ministry of Agriculture, … Read more

Juventus lost to Barça in Torino, the Devils “rockets” to Leipzig

[ad_1] AUTHOR: DATE AND TIME: 28.10.2020. 22:55 – 29.10.2020. 07:15 Six games were played. Osman Dembele, FK Juventus, Photo: AP / Antonio Calanni Manchester United overcame Leipzig with three goals from reserve Marcus Rashford, Barcelona celebrated in Turin in a match in which Alvaro Morata scored three goals, but the three were canceled after … Read more

Elon Musk plans to introduce the Internet to Mars

[ad_1] Life 22:07 27.10.2020Download a short link Sputnik Serbia Sputnik Space X intends to build a mega-grid of Starlink satellites around Mars to provide the Internet to the millions of people the company plans to send in the process of colonizing the red planet. The network will also serve as a … Read more

Additional amounts of influenza vaccine are coming (News

[ad_1] Additional quantities of 50,000 doses of the imported seasonal flu vaccine will arrive in Serbia’s health centers in the next day or two, the Minister of Health announced Zlatibor Ločar, who after a meeting with directors of greedy hospitals, said that Torlak vaccines against seasonal flu are currently available in health centers and that … Read more

Fixed or floating – the question is now?

[ad_1] Photo: Shutterstock Because fear of the floating flywheel failure is not only present in SerbiaAs is commonly thought, automotive component manufacturers have long invented an alternative. The word is about conversion set containing all parts as in vehicles with fixed steering wheel (steering wheel, basket, lamella …). All of these parts are specially built … Read more