″ Return of the Martian ″ and ″ infinite ″: Ronaldo divides leading role in Italy

[ad_1] Essay 02 November 2020 at 08:22 Topics The day after Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the competition, after overcoming the infection with covid-19, the Italian press echoed the Portuguese star’s “bis”, which led Juventus to a rout over Spezia. Related However, the front page honors are divided: in addition to the CR7, there was another … Read more

Day to fight rheumatism warns of the importance of early diagnosis – GAZ

[ad_1] Joint pain and swelling are among the most common symptoms of rheumatic diseases. Despite being stigmatized as problems of the elderly, these diseases comprise a group of more than 120 diseases, which affect the joints, bones, cartilage muscles and tendons, in addition to the skin and the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. Celebrated on October … Read more

Ethereum and XRP will fire in the coming days, predicts a major trader

[ad_1] The main cryptocurrency strategist and dealer known as “Crypto Rand” is optimistic about the recent rise in Bitcoin. According to him, a select number of altcoins, including Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP), are ready to trigger new highs. To his 220,000 followers on Twitter, Rand said that Ethereum, which he refers to as “the … Read more

A BOLA – Mourinho and VAR: «How does a broken leg become a penalty against FC Porto?» (Champions League)

[ad_1] Tottenham coach José Mourinho considers that the mistakes that VAR is making are not acceptable and gave examples of Gundogan’s (City) entries on Marchesín (FC Porto) and Pickford (Everton) on Van Dijk (Liverpool) . “I think the attention that the incidents are getting is based on the fact that there is VAR. Without the … Read more

Xbox Series X was entitled to a refrigerator version

[ad_1] Dwhat for Xbox The X Series was unveiled by fans of the brand and fans by video Games make fun of Microsoft’s next-generation console account. Between the memes most popular are comparisons of the console with a refrigerator, which the company took advantage of for a unique initiative. As you can see in the … Read more