Mario Vargas Llosa: Nobel Literature arrived in Peru for the Arequipa Hay Festival with Isabel Preysler | Photo 1 of 5 | lime

[ad_1] Master visit This year the Arequipa Hay Festival will have a luxury guest, the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2010 Mario Vargas Llosa . The writer arrived in Peru along with Isabel Preysler to attend the event. The famous couple arrived on a commercial flight to Jorge Chávez del Callao airport in Madrid, Spain. … Read more

Indecopi sanctioned Gloria and Nestlé | economy

[ad_1] On June 5, 2017, the Peruvian Association of Consumers and Users (Aspec) denounced the Indecopi for businesses Glory S.A. (Pura Vida Nutrimax, Bonlé Familiar and Bonlé Evaporated Milk Deslactosada) and Nestlé Peru S.A. (Reina Del Campo and Ideal Dawn), to market their dairy products without declaring their true nature in the labeling and their … Read more

Steam | PUBG and Path of Exile would leave the Xbox One and reach this console | PS4 | PlayStatio 4 | Battleground Fields of PlayerUnknown | PoE | Video games

[ad_1] Xbox One and Steam cease to be the exclusive platforms of PUBG and Path of Exile, as these titles can reach the PS4 in the coming weeks. Put, a free game created by Grinding Gear Games has confirmed in a trailer its arrival to the console of Sony, while Battlefields of PlayerUnknown I would … Read more

Why Flames May Have the Secret to Fight the Flu

[ad_1] US scientists have enlisted a curious ally in their efforts to develop a treatment for the flu: the blaze. The blood of this animal was used to produce a new antibody therapy that has the potential to combat all types of flu, including pandemics. Influenza is one of the most skilful diseases when it … Read more


[ad_1] SPECTACULAR WASTE FROM TALENT The ancient Peruvians used snails, reeds and even animal bones to make sounds. It is said that the Peruvians of the Nazca culture were the most important pre-Columbian musicians on the continent. A beautiful show was presented by the General Secretariat of Welfare of the University (OGEBU), of the National … Read more

Facebook: LizzieJM shares her joy after receiving an invitation to the Invictational Zogie Divina Women's PubG Tournament | gamer | eSports | Player BattlefieldUnknow | China | Video games

[ad_1] The first women's tournament of Player BattlefieldUnknow is named after Zowie Divina Women's Invitational PUBG Tournament and will have a Peruvian among the participants, and this is the professional streamer and gamer LizzieJM will be part of this important tournament, which will be held in China and thanked the people who supported her on … Read more

Google Translator: Translator shows curious message when putting Milagros Leiva and surprises thousands | Viral | Photos | Tendencies

[ad_1] A big surprise generated in social networks is the unusual message that appears in Google Translate when someone writes "Milagros Leivanot controversial a translator Google, which has been in the "eye of the storm" for its imprecise translations. As detailed by the author of the discovery, he wrote the name "Milagros Leiva" in Google … Read more