League 1: Pirate FC will present their team on a sports court

[ad_1] <! – YOU CAN SEE: The lalala alalal al … Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalaal -> Pirata FC will play for the first time in their short history in the highest category of Peruvian football and hopes to have a good season under the DT Pablo Zegarra. However, problems have not been expected in the Lambayaque set since … Read more

They discover a possible system for mosquitoes to stop stinging.

[ad_1] The bad reputation of mosquitoes is not only due to the unbearable noise they produce near the ear before bedtime, nor to the burning after having suffered one of their bites. These insects, moreover, are vectors that can transmit infectious diseases such as dengue, malaria or yellow fever. The greatest burden of these diseases … Read more

Not even Microsoft recommends Office 2019 (compared to Office 365)

[ad_1] Office 365 has become one of the revenue streams (and benefits) reported to Satya Nadella's new Microsoft and its "Cloud First" philosophy. The subscription service already has 33.3 million users, according to the most recent data provided a few days ago by the company in its presentation of financial results, having grown the division … Read more

The number of suicides increased by 6.7% in the world between 1990 and 2016

[ad_1] In the world The number of suicides increased by 6.7% in the world between 1990 and 2016 The total number of deaths from suicide increased by 6.7 percent worldwide between 1990 and 2016 to 817,000 last year, according to an analysis published by the British Medial Journal (BMJ). 07.02.2019 07:12 2019-02-07T07: 12: 00 2019-02-07T07: … Read more

They reject the refusal against the court that separated judge Concepción Carhuancho | Politics

[ad_1] The First National Chamber of Criminal Appeal rejected by majority the request of disqualification that the promoter Rafael Vela, coordinator of the special equipment Lava Jato, presented so that the Second Chamber of Criminal Resources, presided over by the judge Octavio Sahuanay, did not see the case of the judge Richard Concepción Carhuancho, a … Read more