Coronavirus – Covid-19 triggers dangerous childhood syndrome

[ad_1] MIS-C is a new syndrome that can occur in children and adolescents after infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The abbreviation MIS-C is derived from the name of the disease in English – “Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in children”. In Norwegian, the full name is “multiorgan inflammatory syndrome in children”. The disease is associated with an … Read more

That happens if Trump wins

[ad_1] Re-election as president is not an easy task. Bill Clinton promised that in his second term “he would build a bridge for the 21st century”. Bush should provide “a safer world and a more hopeful America”. Barack Obama said he was going to a place during his last term, that is, “forward”. Trump says … Read more

“Let’s dance”: – Strikethrough:

[ad_1] One of the highlights of “Let’s dance” each fall is the iconic Halloween show. As usual, there was a big stir about which fantasies would end up on the parquet. During tonight’s broadcast, a new move was also made – all couples would dance jive at the same time in an eliminatory competition – … Read more

– Unfortunately only the tip of the iceberg

[ad_1] A joint justice committee is behind a proposal that allows for the receipt of cash prizes from doping convicted practitioners. “We consider doping to be an economic crime,” Conservative Party spokesman for justice policy Peter Frølich told Nationen. Linda Hofstad Helleland. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum Such a proposal was made after the doping scandal … Read more

MagSafe for iPhone – Magnetic accessories for Apple iPhone

[ad_1] MagSafe is the name of Apple’s smart charging plug for laptops. Ingenious because it used magnets that made it easier to connect – it just fit – and safer if someone tripped over the cable – because then the whole machine would not follow. Much to the disappointment of many, however, the MagSafe concept … Read more

– I hope it is impossible to have an abortion

[ad_1] Janne Myrdal (58) jumps out of the truck and picks up a special sign on the loading platform. On the plaque is her surname in bold red letters and soon she handed the plaque, as well as an electoral brochure, to neighbor Linda Thorsen. – Did you vote? asks Myrdal. – Yes, last week, … Read more

Expecting children after separations and allegations of infidelity

[ad_1] The Netflix series “Love is Blind” took the world by storm earlier this year and has long been at the top of the most watched series on the streaming giant Netflix. The series is based on finding love without seeing each other in advance, and participants date several potential partners through a wall – … Read more

Åge Hareide: – Reacts to the noise of the national team

[ad_1] SARPSBORG (Dagbladet): It has been very windy in the national team lately. Last week, the VG published a case in which it revealed that Lagerbäck pulled a two-year-old blast into an open goal in front of the entire group of players. The football association subsequently issued a press release, in which Lagerbäck apologized for … Read more