Khashoggi Murder: Is Mohamed Saudi Crown Prince Finish?

[ad_1] The copyright of the image Reuters Caption Mohammed bin Salman's power is meteoric – but does he survive Khashoggi's scandal? "He's the toast." "Toxic". "He's my hero." "We love him." Opinions are clearly divided into the person called MBS – Saudi Arabia controversial Mohammed bin Salman Crown Prince. Since the assassination of Saudi journalist … Read more

Aishwarya Rai: Lala Prasad's older son Pratap Yadav's milk is looking for divorce, "Compatibility Issues" with his wife India News

[ad_1] PATNA: Prudential Prisoner of Lulu RJD, Prague, on Friday, Ms Pratap filed a petition in Patna's Civil Court, requesting the wife of his wife's wife, Aishwarya Rai, former Bihar CM Daroga Prasad Rai. It was milk and Aishwarya married on May 12 + this year in Patna. Following the divorce petition, Milk went to … Read more

Narendra Modi announces an incentive for MSMEs, ₹ 1 credit in 59 minutes

[ad_1] On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced 59-minute credit sanctions, labor law relaxation, easier compliance with environmental protection rules, and changes in company law in small and medium-sized businesses to boost the nation's second-largest employment sector. It announced a number of measures for the sector, saying that the GST-registered micro, small and medium-sized enterprises … Read more

Rahul Gandhi – The New Indian Express

[ad_1] By IANS NEW DELHI: French defense chief Dassault Aviation to pay a "backlinks" to secure the Rafale deal, Rahul Gandhi congressional president on Friday said Friday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would not survive the "huge corruption" of the purchase. "If an investigation starts (Rafale deal), Modi will not survive, guaranteed," Gandhi said at … Read more

"Monkeygate" has sparked international cricket: Andrew Symonds

[ad_1] Former Australian versatile Andrew Symonds maintains that in 2008 the "monkeygate" event in the Indian series triggered the international cricket crash and even caused "whimsical alcohol consumption". Symonds accused Harbhajan Singh of being "a monkey" in the Sydney test, claiming that the Indian spinner denied it. Because of the notorious incident, Harbhajan was banned … Read more