Katalin Novák on coronavirus: spring measures may return to Hungary

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Index – Economy – MVM acquired one of the largest energy traders in the Czech Republic

[ad_1] After approval by the European Commission, the transaction through which MVM Zrt. Acquired 100% of the capital of innesk Česká republika. The energy company, which now belongs to the MVM Group, supplies power to more than 1.6 million residential and corporate customers, the MVM Group said on its website. The transaction also includes the … Read more

Europa League: second round results

[ad_1] The 2nd round of the Europa League group stage took place on Thursday. Here are the results and status of the groups! Ads About the matches that started at 18h55 clicking here, and meetings that started at 9 pm clicking here you can read. EUROPE LEAGUEGROUP CIRCUIT, ROUND 2 THE GROUPRoma (Italian) –CZKA Sofia … Read more

He resigned as a leading developer of Halo Infinite

[ad_1] He resigned as a leading developer of Halo Infinite Chris Lee oversaw the creation of the game for the 343 Industries team He now left the studio after 12 years of employment As early as mid-August, news arrived that the launch of Halo Infinite, originally planned as the opening title for the Xbox Series … Read more

Coronavirus: the situation of the Hungarian epidemic is more serious than the worst scenario

[ad_1] In early October, the main epidemic modelers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Measurement and Assessment (IHME) painted a rather sinister picture of the expected development of the epidemic situation in Hungary. The recent numbers of infection and mortality actually show an even worse condition: twice as many people have died in … Read more

DWTS: Shepherd Anna cried the night before the show because of her pain

[ad_1] Dancers with Star competitors are constantly battling minor or serious injuries. Previously Alexander Noszály and Gabriela Spanic also damaged during the live broadcast, Pastor anna however, he had already recovered from rehearsals. The singer was so bad that she wasn’t sure she would be able to get on stage. I pulled on my intercostal … Read more

Index – Domestic – Christmas to the Index: On Wednesday, we will repeal the rules of the Budapest mask

[ad_1] On Wednesday, the municipality of Budapest will revoke its decree on the use of masks in Budapest, Mayor Gergely Karácsony confirmed to the Index. Written by the Indexthat higher-level legislation may conflict with capital regulations. THEz on certain measures to control the spread of a new type of coronavirus, more recently changed on September … Read more