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Men's and women's basketball games in Guangdong for two consecutive days Hongyuan fight for 10 consecutive wins – Dongguan Daily – Hanfeng Net

[ad_1] 2018-11-11 12:05:06 Source: Dongguan Daily The Nanchang Electric newspaper lost to Fujian (the front house team, the same below) at 104: 117 last night, Shandong hit the same team in 116: 93, Shenzhen 152: 130 victory over Tianjin three games, the regular season of the CBA tenth round today 7:35 pm to continue, the … Read more

Academics | NIPS 2018 Confrontation Visual Challenge Results Announced: CMU Xingbo Team Conquers Two Champions | Contact Us | Xing Bo | Contact Us |

[ad_1] The middle one Author: Wieland Brendel Machine heart Participation: Zhang Qian, Wang Shuting Today, the NIPS 2018 Anti-Visual Challenge results have been announced. The game is divided into three units: defense, non-targeted attacks and targeted attacks. CMU Xingbo's team won two championships, the other champion was captured by Canada's LIVIA team, and Tsinghua's TSAIL … Read more

2 期: 44 人 入选 张呈栋 领衔

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