Boca and the river between the Libertadores finals of the Chilean court and the VAR deal with sport

[ad_1] In addition to the obvious actors, Boca Juniors and River Plate, an important Chilean will be present at the Copa Libertadores finalsNovember 10, Buenos Aires, Argentina. because Accompanied by Roberto Tobar, Christian Schiemann and Claudio Ríos as assistants, for justice in court, the fourth judge at Diego Haro in Peru. In the VAR, he … Read more

Former Carabiner Officer Condemned …

[ad_1] Former uniform Héctor Aburto Muñoz received 61 days of effective punishment for the first offense and five years and one day for the second reason. The minister of the Court of Appeals at the Concepción Court condemned the Carabiner retirement officer for the use of the agony and for the murder of Mario Ávila … Read more

Stop ATM in Providencia with gas mode

[ad_1] Criminals fled with some of the money ATM is located at the corner of Sweden and New Providence. after the cash dispenser has been refilled with the gas saturation method. The carabiner and security personnel of the sector turned to the scene after noticing the the presence of "miguelitos" near the bank of Banco … Read more

Donald Trump brakes immigration asylum applications

[ad_1] Increases your actions WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump has announced that he will sign a warrant next week that could result in massive arrests of migrants crossing the southern border and prohibit twice as legally questionable proposals as a result of a lack of asylum claim, which is the latest election wave of … Read more