Faustão is rushed to the Albert Einstein Hospital, says columnist

[ad_1] Presenter Fausto Silva, Faustão, was rushed to the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, early Monday evening (11/11). According to journalist Erlan Bastos, the communicator was admitted to the Morumbi hospital with severe pain in his leg and also a swelling. Also according to the journalist, the presenter would be doing a treatment to … Read more

Is it negative? Discover 5 cards without consulting SPC / Serasa

[ad_1] Consumers who have a dirty name in credit protection agencies find it difficult to get cards, loans and financing in the market. This is because most financial institutions analyze the payment history of the interested party to see if there is a risk of default. However, with the increase in demand for credit during … Read more

Earth-sized planet is discovered wandering in the Milky Way

[ad_1] RIO – An international team of scientists, led by Polish astronomers, announced the discovery of the smallest floating planet (similar in size to Earth) discovered to date. Covid-19: New variant of coronavirus spreads across Europe, warn scientists It was found in the Milky Way and it is an errant planet, that is, gravitationally disconnected … Read more

Palmirinha is discharged after treating urinary tract infection

[ad_1] On Wednesday afternoon (28) Palmirinha Onofre left the German Hospital Oswaldo Cruz, where she was hospitalized to treat a urinary tract infection. The discharge of the 89-year-old presenter was anticipated by the NaTelinha last Tuesday, in contact with the doctor responsible for the TV veteran. “The Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz informs that the patient … Read more

CNN hires presenter Carla Vilhena

[ad_1] CNN today announced the hiring of presenter Carla Vilhena. The journalist made history for 24 years on TV Globo and worked for Jornal Nacional, Fantástico, Jornal Hoje, Bom Dia Brasil and Jornal da Globo. Carla resigned from Globo in January 2018 to dedicate herself to media training projects and also her career on the … Read more

FGTS up to R $ 1,045: CAIXA confirms 2 more withdrawal DATES in October and November

[ad_1] It’s confirmed! Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) confirmed that 4 (four) batches of cash withdrawals and transfers will still be released in the Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS). The benefit can already be withdrawn in kind by birthdays from January to August. Payments have now been released in September, October, November and December. The releases will … Read more

Curiosity: Aerith’s voice actress in Final Fantasy VII Remake cosplays the character

[ad_1] Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Briana White, actress who voiced Aerith’s English voice in Final Fantasy VII Remake, released his cosplay of the character. In other words, it is “Aerith herself” dressing like herself. As she doesn’t cosplay normally, she received help with Lady Zero and Kate’s clothes. The photos are by Martin Wong. Previously, Briana … Read more