Ikea is entering the second-hand market

[ad_1] The Swedish furniture giant opens its first store near Stockholm dedicated exclusively to “used” Ikea products IConnoisseur of Ikea hypermarkets, these warehouses surrounded by gigantic car parks that have sprung up around the world and in which we often find it difficult to find our way, can get a little confused. It is true … Read more

Pattern shakes for Zinho Vanheusden! – All football

[ad_1] Off the stretcher in the first period against Oostende, Zinho Vanheusden would be the victim of an injury to his right knee. From the pictures, this one seems important … This Sunday afternoon, Standard hosts KV Ostende as part of the 11th day of the Pro League. Starting at the start, Zinho Vanheusden was … Read more

Microsoft Surface Flash Promotion: savings of up to € 669!

[ad_1] Microsoft is taking a moment of silence on the side of commercial promotions to offer an exclusive flash sale in its official store. From October 30 to November 1, much of the Microsoft Surface line is down. If you wanted to buy a Surface Pro 7, Surface Book 3 or Surface Laptop 3, now … Read more

“It will take too long, being strict four weeks will not be enough”

[ad_1] The Federal Minister of Public Health, Frank Vandenbroucke (sp.a), believes, based on forecasting models, that it will take a long time with a regime of rigid measures to fight the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Read too : The Prime Minister announces a “partial containment”: the “common base” of the measures in detail … Read more

Orange’s “internet only” offer will cost € 40 per month

[ad_1] Orange launched its new subscription plans without a mobile phone included on Monday. Among them is the Internet only, which the operator already intended to launch and which will cost 40 euros a month. Orange last week announced the imminent arrival of this “internet only” subscription. This product is part of the company’s strategy … Read more

Ferrari wants to discuss 2026 before considering engine freeze

[ad_1] On the table this Monday at an important meeting of the F1 Commission, the possible freezing of engines from 2022 is not a priority in the eyes of Ferrari. Scuderia believes that it is more urgent and important to focus on the power train regulations that will take effect from 2026 and that still … Read more

Huawei presents new smart glasses with audio technology – ICT News

[ad_1] With the Gentle Monster Eyewear II, Huawei will launch its second connected glasses on the market on November 6. The gadget, equipped with a voice assistant and speakers on the stand, will sell for a suggested price of 329 euros. Contrary to what you would expect from ‘smart glasses’, the Gentle Monster Eyewear II … Read more

“I can’t imagine my life without it”

[ad_1] A TESTIMONY Five years ago Sébastien fell in love with a woman he left everything for. Their relationship was damaged by alcohol addiction. After another relapse, his partner ended the relationship. Sébastien says he cannot imagine his life without her, but he is aware that he has lost the confidence of the woman he … Read more