Klopp-Guardiola sees the error of the Premier League authorities in mind ‘

[ad_1] The English Premier League authorities introduced a five-player transfer rule last season due to the coronavirus. With the start of the new season, the Premier League has returned to the three-player transfer system. The coaches did not like the subject at all. The league’s two best coaches, Pep Guardiola and J├Ârgen Klopp, strongly criticized … Read more

Apple is bringing its own search engine!

[ad_1] Google has dominated the Internet world for more than two decades through search engines. But last August, it was heard that another world technology giant, Apple, is taking the field with eight points to compete with Google. Technology companies in the United States are considering bringing their own search engine like Google. About two … Read more

Car gift for employee | 969929 | Tomorrow’s voice

[ad_1] Jacqueline Fernandez has always been passionate about her teammates. A few days ago he gave his makeup artist a car as a gift. This time, he gave it to another staff member. During Durga Puja on Monday, the worker got a car and was shocked. The worker’s name was not known. The Sri Lankan … Read more

Excluding history, Dhoni Chennai

[ad_1] Indians from Mumbai, Delhi Capitals and Bangalore are in the top three with 14 points. Calcutta scored 12 points. Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan 10 points. Kolkata and Punjab have three matches left. And the two remaining matches in Rajasthan. Sunrisers Hyderabad, who scored eight points equal to Chennai, also has 3 games left.If … Read more

Haji Selim’s son and bodyguard are in the custody of RAB

[ad_1] The Inspector (Operations) of the Dhanmondi Police Station, Rabiul Islam, confirmed the veracity of the information at first sight. He said the case was opened on charges of assault and attempted murder. The accused in the case are Irfan Selim, AB Siddique Dipu, Zahid, Mizanur Rahman and two or three other unidentified people. Among … Read more

The best film by Nayak Riaz

[ad_1] The mid-nineties were a time of triumph for romantic heroes. Many heroes have arrived. Almost everyone managed to establish themselves as a successful film hero. However, many failed to be consistent for long. Riaz is the name of a hero who spent more than a decade with the Loverboy badge or Romantic Hero in … Read more