58th Viennale finished in blocking time

[ad_1] It was a precise landing: for a long time, it looked like this year’s Viennale could belong to the victims of the cultural crown. But director Eva Sangiorgi prevailed with her premise that only a physical film festival is a real film festival – and she won Vabanquespiel. After eleven days and no known … Read more

Bitcoin rises to over $ 14,000

[ad_1] Bitcoin In the spring, the rate fell briefly below the $ 4,000 mark. (Photo: Reuters) Frankfurt The digital currency Bitcoin continues to grow. For the first time since early 2018, the oldest and best-known digital currency surpassed the $ 14,000 (12,000 euros) mark on Saturday. More recently, the price on the Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange … Read more

WAC’s “historic night”: Liendl on Ibrahimovic’s trail

[ad_1] His coach, Ferdinand Feldhofer, spoke of a “historic night” and was “very pleased, especially with the first half. We don’t allow too much, too little”. In addition, there were perfect passes “behind the last chain” of the opponent, which led to the first two penalties (4th, 13th) after fouls on Christopher Wernitznig. And Liendl, … Read more

HONOR invests in the workforce of tomorrow with Affinity and Gray and the launch of the program “Stand out with HONOR”

[ad_1] London (ots / PRNewswire) – HONOR starts the global creative program #StandOutWithHONOR on hihonor.com, which invites young people to the best job interview, giving them the chance to do a four-week paid internship at the leading creative agency Gray Global technology brand HONOR today announced that it has globale Kreativprogramm der HONOR Academy “Stand … Read more

What are the typical symptoms of Covid-19?

[ad_1] Covid-19 and flu show similar symptoms Do I have Corona? Or did I already without really realizing it? These questions can only be answered clearly with a corona test or antibody test. Because recognizing Covid-19 based on symptoms alone is often not so easy. Many typical symptoms are similar to those of a flu … Read more

For Green Youth, “love at home” is like dog poop

[ad_1] The combination of dog remains and nationalism is a classic in the repertoire of green youth organizations: Back in 2007, the alternative green youth poster “Get a Flaggerl for your Gaggerl”. Much to the dismay of the party’s mother, the Vienna spokeswoman at the time described the matter as an “unfortunate story” and referred … Read more

B&B Hotels: 150 new openings in the next ten years | news

[ad_1] Growing despite the crisis – true to this motto, the budget hotel group B&B Hotels continues its expansion plans and has now published specific goals for that: more than 150 new openings in Germany in the next ten years. The hotel group has already celebrated nine new openings in Germany in recent months and … Read more

Not “mission impossible”, but almost

[ad_1] October 26, 2020 © WHAT / GEORG HOCHMUTH Like other opening matches at the Erste Bank Open tennis tournament, Dominic Thiem’s ​​name has ultimate potential. Former top ten Kei Nishikori was not only in the 2018 final in Vienna, but also at the 2014 US Open. Thiem sees his conqueror at the time, Marin … Read more