You do not have to worry about Sekiro: shadows have double


I hate heavy games. I hate to die several times in games; and I'm not talking about some disgust that everyone feels when he loses. No, I'm a horrible loser: I get angry, I scream and I finally finish the game, so I do not have to mess with it anymore. I'm not proud of it, I would like to be able to lose well – but that's how I am: a bad loser. How I liked Sekiro: Shadows The Twice software would have been a mystery to me a few days ago.

Dear Friend Fighter: This is the column of a person who successfully avoided Soulsborne games. I know you can know more than I do; which you have already experienced in other From Software titles. In case: have indulgence!

I did not know that Soulsborne games are more than just "fucked up" that need to be regularly consumed and supported to last through. I thought, yes, such a difficult victory can release a greater burden of endorphins in my body – quite possible. What I've never experienced since I've always sat with other Souls veterans before Dark Souls or Demon Souls; his words in my ears "Yes, and there's the boss there, you can defeat him that way – or not, just try as you like!Followed by a knowing smile as I lay in confusion and torment.

There are no words for what I felt then. Rage? No, it is not enough. Hate? A little. Despair? The feeling of failure, the feeling of being worthless? The feeling of being the only person in the room who can not understand how anyone can bear being tormented like this?

So I decided: No, Soulsborne titles are not for me. Instead, I always wondered how someone I like these games, and so I thought, it's probably just the competitive element in all of this. The tail comparison, I mean: I, the big self, played through Dark Souls – and you do not! For this kick alone, all these people must have been forced by the From Software games. Right?


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Dark Souls: A lot of humor is in the series of frustrations.

You and I should get on so terribly.

It all started with a deadly bet among colleagues: Publisher Kamila and I have successfully avoided the Soulsborne genre for years, but what would a game editor be if he did not have to play? Sekiro: Shadows The Twice installs a shadow on our consoles, unwanted and unloved. So the verdict: you have to play. To alleviate the inevitable suffering a little, I thought, I bet on her about death: Which of us will be able to continue playing on the weekend? Who is going to die the least? Who will give up?

The previous Friday was not a big day. Play Sekiro all weekend? OHW, After all, I love starting new games – this feeling of freshness, learning the mechanics of the game, the surprise. When I started Sekiro the first day of anguish, I was a little satisfied. A little. And then? Then I died.

But was … not bad?

Was … funny?

It's fun to die in Sekiro: Shadows The Twice?

But I hate to lose! I'm a loser bad! I do not know much about myself, but if it does, yes! That's not fair. How can Sekiro upset my view of the evil monster's Marina world, who always goes to the ceiling if he does not like something in a game? It has been foreordained that I will not like Sekiro – basically it was already fixed. And now?

I would like to laugh a little about myself, as I did not understand before: it's not just much more satisfactory, defeat someone if he does not fall out of my sight, as in other games. No, dying in a world as cruel, but also regenerative as Sekiro: Shadows The Twice So Many Easier as elsewhere.

What do you need to know: If you get into the shadows of Sekiro: Shadows The Twice, you should pay attention to 7 small details in the beginning. These tips will help you immensely – I know that.

Sekiro kills you all the time, but that does not make you feel like a failure. In addition, you accumulate points while facing several enemies; you continue to evolve and you are not forced to overthrow that boss immediately – you have possibilities; Ways you can go. If you fall into battle immediately and without hesitation, it may well disappoint you a bit – but if you approach this game cautiously, give some respect and take your time, then it is not. so hard,

Really. (And no, I would not have believed in myself a few days ago.)

Not only is it not that so hardbut also rewarding. There's nothing like the adrenaline rush that surrounds you when you press the right buttons on your control with sweaty hands and with the boss Oh-shit-the-ever-beat more defeatBut that is something that was already clear to me earlier. What I did not know: Even in the game itself, you will always be rewarded. When you train a new skill, for example; or if you suddenly find a great item under this bridge. Sekiro: Shadows The Twice is really cool for you. A bit like a kidnapper praising his hostage, but hey.

Achso, completely forgotten: The game seems very good synonymous way. Just passing by.

It is gratifying to see my own character grow; as he gets stronger and can give me that feeling of power that I value a lot in games. It's almost pretty, and I want to tell you all this one thing only: You do not have to be afraid of Sekiro: the shadows have double. This game is not just for elite players or for those people who have the stamina of an ox. Of course, not everyone likes Sekiro, but if it is the level of difficulty that prevents you – if you think that this game will run you over, spit on you and then laugh at you, you are wrong.

Fantasy Sekiro: Shadows The Twice?

Of course, Sekiro still sucks every now and then. If a stupid chicken kills you; if you do not defeat the stupid boss, if someone kills you, if a very light enemy is suddenly bad for you and still kill you. WHEN A CHICKEN ARMY COMES AND KILL YOU. THERE ARE CHICKEN, SOFTWARE. Chicken. YOU HAVE ALREADY SEEN CHICKEN MURDERING TO KILL. But I'm not mad at these things anymore. I'm a different person now.


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