You can eat as much as you want from these 5 foods


We made it smart and chose 5 foods that you can eat completely without feeling guilty. And yes, at number five, we had to be surprised!

After a long day at the office, you finally get home and the first thing you do is to look for your diner before dinner? One classic. Especially for those who just want to diet and get rid of the last extra pounds before the summer, this habit is fatal – or not. Because we have been looking for healthy foods that are not only totally delicious and are actually satiety but also help you lose weight!

1) broccoli

The absolute favorite food of all diet addicts is clearly broccoli. Especially when eaten raw or steamed, this super-vegetable releases its full effect. Although it contains broccoli Sulforaphane, for cancer prevention, vitamins A, C, E and K, only 31 calories per serving and about 20 percent of the daily dose of fiber needed. Convinced? (I.e.

2) celery

It's the vegetables of the hour and all Hollywood bloggers and stars seem to love it: we're talking about celery! This food brings with it a number of benefits that are fundamental to the diet. As a satiety, or a high water content. 95 percent water has this vegetableIn fact, the rest is made of fibers that contribute to the sugar being absorbed more slowly by our body and stimulates the digestion when eating.

3) cauliflower

Like most vegetables, cauliflower is perfect for your diet. It contains many important nutrients, such as Vitamin C and K and can also be prepared in many different ways – whether in steam, puree, cooked or fried. But those who would like to eat enough should resort to the raw variety and not use olive oil, salt and co.

4) grapefruit

Rich in vitamin C, low in calories and super delicious: all the characteristics of this wonderful fruit. What makes this fruit the perfect accomplice of your diet? It has only 45 calories (per 100 grams), stimulates the metabolism, ensures a balanced blood sugar level and additionally promotes our digestion. Our tip: grapefruit gives a unique twist to an avocado salad with fresh salmon. We love! (I.e.

5) popcorn

You read it right, Popcorn corn has become our top 5 healthy food. Unfortunately, the talk is not about the greasy buttery movie snack, but about corn kernel burst. It is best to use special hot air tools, thanks to which you You can easily do without olive oil for preparation. And since a serving has only 31 calories, you can eat them in front of the TV without blame!

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