Woman kills, dismembers and serves ex-partner


For many years, a Moroccan woman who lived in Al Ain (UAE) and her partner were happy. So he told her that now he wants to marry someone else. And that, even if she has borne it for seven years.

Príos cause Creutzfeldt-Jacob

Prions are unfolded protein molecules. If they reach the brain of a human, the body's own prions can fold into a sort of domino effect, which causes brain tissue to degenerate.

Symptoms include headache and memory problems, followed by hallucinations, personality changes, paralysis and dementia. The disease leads to more and more errors and ultimately to the complete failure of all brain functions.

In the final stage, which can last a long time, the affected remain in a type of stiffness without possibility of contact with the environment. End-stage patients are therefore also called "The Living Dead."

Her ex-partner was not thrilled and left her anger about the happiness of lost love.

Now the 39-year-old man is in court. She is accused of killing her ex first, then dismembering her in the blender and finally feeding her remains to construction workers and dogs. This in the form of a Machbus, a traditional dish of the region, as Thenational.ae writes.

Tooth in the blender

However, the police only came to terms with them months later – because the 39-year-old woman ignored a tooth from her exile in the blender. This was only discovered by the officers when they were looking for the now disappeared man. The then commissioned DNA analysis eradicated the last doubts: the tooth belonged to the wanted one.

To adjust the information of the neighbors. Compared to the Al Khaleej newspaper, they said that sometime before, for four consecutive nights, they noticed the pungent odor of a "stinking barbecue" that looked like it was coming out of the woman's house.

How exactly the 39-year-old man killed his partner is not known. What is known is that she admitted "a moment of madness", as Iflscience.com knows.

Human meat is potentially deadly

The case is not only ethically and legally sensitive, but also health – for two reasons: human flesh is not really nutritious, as James Cole of the University of Brighton, 2017 stated in "Scientific Reports": while a body human has only 150,000 calories, brings a deer at least 163,000 calories.

In addition, cannibalism – the consumption of parts of the human body – is potentially deadly. In addition to the risks of blood-borne diseases or pathogens, there is also the risk of catching the so-called "prions" (see box), which also was behind the mad cow disease, BSE, which kept Europe on hold in the 1990s.

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