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Wolf & Wrabetz counterattack

Vienna. "What's with the OSIS?" Asks Germany's biggest newspaper, the Bild, now horrified. The world also comments today on the "attack" on freedom of the press in Austria. The mirror and the Süddeutsche Zeitung saw those who were already "in danger" yesterday. The fuss about the blue campaign against the ORF – in concrete terms, demand blue ZiB2 anchor Armin Wolf replace or send to break – is getting bigger.

That FPÖ-EU leader candidate Harald Vilimsky in fact asks for the resignation of ZiB2-Anchor Armin Wolf and that the head of the FPÖ Heinz-Christian Strache accuses the ORF-man of "disgusting agitation against the FPÖ", also leaves ORF-Director General Alexander Wrabetz at Counteroffensive Go.

In the interview with AUSTRIA, Wrabetz says: "Of course you can criticize us, but we will not accept threats or personal pressures."

Wolf accuses FPÖ of now planned offense

compared front. Armin Wolf, meanwhile, is on Facebook his view of the things he asked in a ZiB2 interview Vilimsky to parallels an insipid "strip" of the Ring of Freedom Youth with the Nazi complaint sheet The striker, had been "awake with the person responsible in charge. " In addition, Wolf believes that the FPÖ planned a "frontal attack" on the ORF because of the EU election campaign. The Council of the ORF Foundation, Norbert Steger, had suggested to him, through oe24.TV, a sabbatical – a pause, Wolf acknowledges with a refusal: "I will not waste my time."

ÖVP does not officially see a "border crossing"

In the ÖVP, the person remains – still – from the FP match against the ORF back star. Officially, a senior vice president says: "This was a border crossing of the FPÖ." The fact that the German media is now concerned about the freedom of Austrian media, the turquoise finally pleased.

Wolf fight: will not take time

Armin Wolf resists on his blog:

  • in the interview with FP candidate Vilimsky: "Special topics were not agreed upon."

  • about asking, "If Vilimsky had distanced himself from the caricature, the topic would have been made."

  • in the FPÖ: "What is the credibility of the distancing of Ratten's pamphlet when an FPÖ organization uses such a racist caricature?"

  • about the future: "I will not take the time."

"Let's do our job"

AUSTRIA: The FPÖ wants you to replace Armin Wolf – or stay out of time. The international vortex gets bigger. How do you react now?

Wrabetz: Of course you can criticize us. But we will not accept personal threats or pressure on the ORF. We will not be deterred from making the best of our journalistic work. Objective and critic in all directions.

AUSTRIA: Do you think the FPÖ will tone down the ORF in the EU election campaign? Strache "promises to" fight "like a lion for abolishing ORF fees."

Wrabetz: I sincerely hope that our work on the EU election campaign is done and that we do not become an electoral issue. The current debate shows once again how important a fee-financed ORF is, rather than having to talk to policy on critical reports and negotiate a budget.

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