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Widow of Aldi's co-founder, Theo Albrecht, is dead

Widow of Aldi's co-founder, Theo Albrecht, is dead

EAT. Cícilie Albrecht, the widow of Aldi's co-founder, Theo Albrecht, died and was buried next to a family, a Aldi Nord spokeswoman said on Monday.

Aldi South and North join forces

Image: Reuters

When she died and at what age, the company did not communicate on demand. Previously, the "Tagesspiegel" reported.

Cäcilie Albrecht lived completely retired. However, she had great influence on Aldi-Nord: Together with one of her two sons, Theo Albrecht Junior, she has until recently managed the Markus and the Lukas Foundation – two of the three foundations in which the discounter is. Large investments and important decisions can only be unanimously approved by foundations.

Cäcilie's husband, Theo Albrecht, along with his brother Karl, took over the parental grocery store in Essen in 1946 and forged it into one of the most successful discount groups in the world. Theo has already died in 2010, his brother Karl 2014.

The Albrecht family is considered extremely secretive. Of the Aldi brothers, Karl and Theo Albrecht, there was only one random photo erased. Filming does not exist – except for a small sequence right after the kidnap.

In the newspapers, the family usually only appeared when the annual lists of the richest Germans were published; for many years, billionaires Karl and Theo Albrecht were at the top. Theo Albrecht died in July 2010 at the age of 88, his older brother Karl, four years later.

The Austrian disco club Hofer is one of the Aldi-Süd. The division at Aldi-Nord and Aldi-Süd between the Albrecht brothers took place in 1961. The southern branches of Aldi took over Karl Albrecht, north of Theo. Hofer was taken over in 1968.

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