Why does not it matter that Stefan Petzner can not dance?


Why does not it matter that Stefan Petzner can not dance?

Petzner Vs. Sarkissova: Instagram and Facebook are the ideal drivers for a built conflict. The ORF rubs the hands (probabilities). Today it continues.

Why does not it matter that Stefan & Pettner can not dance?

Stefan Petzner and Karina Sarkissova last Friday at the ORF show "Dancing Stars". Before it should have come to blows Image: Screenshot: ORF

Thank God today is Friday. Fans of ORF's "Dancing Stars" format could hardly wait for this day. Today, 8.15 pm, ORFeins, is announced in the appearance of the candidate who certainly can not do a thing, that is, dance, the shame of the collective odd. Second Potential Excitement: Will Stefan Petzner, the nominee, and jury dancer Karina Sarkissova verbally and for God's sake even face each other physically? This is how it should have happened last Friday, "he told OÖN. Facebook and Instagram have much more importance to this fact this week as Brexit, Trump and Identitarians together.

Unexotic Pursuit

How could this happen? If former politician Stefan Petzner dances tango, then visually resembles much more to an involuntary chase than to the eroticism of a lascivious dance. In a format like "Dancing Stars", but this does not matter because it is limited to technically true to the dance steps carved into the celebrity dance school ORF. This condition benefits candidates from the Stefan Petzner format. Petzner is a stimulus figure, knows the country of television no later than October 11, 2008, the death of Jörg Haider. Crying stuttered the victim's then Intimus on the cameras: "He was my life's man …"

Since then, he has polarized with his appearances on masochistic-narcissistic television – as a politician, spindoctor or public relations specialist. As such, he tries to position himself hyperactively. That's why it fits perfectly with Dancing Stars.

Quotenzreibender Effect

When the ORF scrubs one after the first bad appearance of 38-year-old hands. The strong currency "Teletest" showed 749,000 visionaries in the last transmission with a market share of 27%. For tonight, we can expect a further increase after Petzner's disagreement with juror Karina Sarkissova, who has somehow changed in the face of visual appearance.

Petzner and Sarkissova are dividing the nation – at least that part in which these planned conflicts are more a waste of time in front of the screen.

The excitement is great: Stefan Petzner – after being elected to the next round thanks to the votes of the television audience – ran to the four jurors and had the style of Christ the Redeemer with the words: "You have to continue waiting for me! Sarkissova said that Petzner yelled at her after the show and touched his finger to her face.

The days after that were used by fucking storms, anonymous comments, and therefore healthy on Facebook and Instagram. Although Petzner and ballerina Sarkissova together had only 10,000 enrolled on the Instagram, the messages flew there, so the serious media was forced to jump on this strange dance train.

"Dansing stars"

"My job with Dansing Stars is to comment on the dance," Sarkissova said, stubbornly speaking badly about the name of the show. The fan community fraternized: "Dear Karina, you are a noble and noble man to me. That is all that matters," wrote bavisela58.

Petzner writes: "Sarkissova is complaining in the headlines and may be a fictitious accusation." Petzner supports the post: "Karina is really a bitch."

Under the protection of anonymity, underground voice messages on social media platforms are easily enough to turn a dance fever bubble into a true thematic leadership, even if devoid of content.

"Thank you, Austria!"

Karina Sarkissova likes to offer unskilled skin in her Instagram profile. Among other things, she posted a video of an awards ceremony in which she climbs a ladder and the show hidden only through a transparent pants hidden behind the bottom with the panties. Then she says, "Thank you, Austria."

All these activities serve the personal marketing strategy of the protagonists, an added value does not reveal anything that can be seen in educational television. Maybe Stefan Petzner will fly today. If so, take Sarkissova with you, Mr. Petzner.

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