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The tenth week of the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the case surrounding the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counter-Terrorism (BVT) breaks on Tuesday. Peter Goldgruber, secretary general of the Interior Ministry, will appear in front of the deputies a second time on Tuesday morning. "Die Presse" reports live again this time from the Hofburg – from ten o'clock.

Not only the opposition, but also the ÖVP saw, according to Goldgrubers, first to research a whole series of contradictions between their statements and those of other informants. At the beginning of November, the high official had rejected the accusations against him and had defended Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ). "I've never been invited by the minister to clean up anywhere," Goldgruber said. He also denied asking the head of the BVT, Peter Gridling, the names of investigators disguised in the fraternity environment – then Goldgruber said he could not remember.

Against Goldgruber, who is considered a key figure in the cause, is now being investigated – for abuse of power, false evidence and defamation. His whereabouts as the first Home Office official was considered anything but safe. Even the ÖVP should have demanded the departure of the FPÖ Goldgrubers government partner.

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The second witness on Tuesday would have been Ria-Ursula P. She is one of the leading witnesses in the case because of her statements, the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Economy and Corruption (WKStA) has called for a crackdown on protection of the Constitution. P. canceled in a relatively short time – as his lawyer said, because of a longer stay abroad. "Die Presse" had earlier reported that she would refuse to accept a second shipment.

The second witness on Tuesday is Theresa H., who lost a post in the BVT against P .. P. would likely have come to office through political intervention – as her first U Committee survey showed in October last year.

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