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IPhone users can try new WhatsApp features sooner. One of the new features is called Ranking, which is being tested in WhatsApp beta for iOS. That's behind the idea.

In the future, WhatsApp evaluates all your contacts and sorts them into different classes, WABetaInfo reports. The blog discovered the feature in beta version Depending on the rank your friends receive, your status updates will appear in your view. So far, WhatsApp rates the status of its friends in chronological order. WhatsApp status is a counterpart to Instagram stories.

Reply or ignore?

Here's how it works: WhatsApp examines which friends you communicate with regularly. Consider, for example, whether you send and receive media with each other or if you are in the same groups and also exchange there. Especially positive is recorded when you are talking on the phone. On the other hand, contacts whose news and status updates ignore it are classified as worse.

The WhatsApp ranking is only available locally, no data is exchanged with WhatsApp itself (or Facebook), it is emphasized. It should also take some time before the innovation in the beta is noticeable, since the algorithm must first collect enough information.

The rating feature is not yet available for Android. This will be done in the future, they say. In the final version, there is now an alternative to emojis and GIFs (for both Android and iOS): WhatsApp stickers are here.


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