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Up to 1.5 billion people use the WhatsApp messaging service worldwide. The messenger is an integral part of our daily lives. You can find all the information about current developments, updates and news here.

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+++ 26.11.2018: Dark Fashion + WhatsApp in a new design +++

WhatsApp developers are currently working on a new feature: The so-called Dark Mode should allow users to choose between light background colors and dark text, as well as dark backgrounds and bright text. The last variant is generally considered eye and Akkupuschonender. Meanwhile, a redesign of the messenger by an outside designer inspires WhatsApp fans. Above all, Igor S. has many bright colors and large white areas, which makes the messenger more organized and more uniform. If the developers of WhatsApp be inspired by this designand adapting it, however, is in the stars.

+++ 17.11.2018: Nazi alarm on WhatsApp! Anti-constitutional symbols have appeared on stickers +++

The new adhesive feature not only offers you the possibility to ship several pre-fabricated adhesives, but also to load and use your own adhesives. This, of course, also brings trouble: neo-Nazis blatantly exploit this possibility and disseminate anti-constitutional symbols through the messenger.

O Jewish forum has on Twitter Shared images showing Nazi symbols, Hitler photos, SS runes and even hate slogans like WhatsApp stickers. Many of the symbols are banned in Germany, they are scattered in public, you make it punishable. "These anti-Semitic stickers are unacceptable and we do not want them on WhatsApp. We strongly denounce this hatred and, if users receive stickers with illegal content, we ask them to report and act upon the submission." Blocking accounts from which they are sent, "WhatsApp informs the newspaper" Bild "upon request.

In fact, stickers that are uploaded to the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore should be scanned. Apparently, there is still room for improvement there.

+++ 15.11.2018: Change your phone number in Whatsapp +++

If the phone number is changed, it can also be found in the messenger application Whatsapp to change. To do this, insert the new SIM card into your smartphone and start WhatsApp.

By tapping the three-point menu, you enter the settings and there for the account. In the "Change number" subitem, the old and then the new number are entered first. The service sends a confirmation SMS to the new number and the process is completed. Now the messenger can be used as before, with only a new number. Grouped contacts are informed about the number change. Individual contacts, however, must be notified of the change so that they can contact one more.

+++ 11/14/2018: WhatsApp rates contacts soon after importance +++

In the beta version of the messenger are iOSUsers have found an already familiar feature of Instagram. Now, apparently, WhatsApp also tests the classification of contacts according to importance. So far, the messenger giant is sorting status messages chronologically, but this may soon be history. For Instagram and Facebook, an algorithm ranks stories by relevance. Important contacts are displayed first. This change may soon be synonymous with WhatsApp.

In the future, a status message will be displayed according to how often users are in contact and how often user messages are viewed, writes "WABeta.Info".

+++ 05.11.2018: Group Chat Revolution! Private messages coming soon +++

WhatsApp users can wait for a new group chat feature in the near future. Apparently, it would soon be possible to respond to individual group members in your private message instead of in a group chat. To do this, according to "WABetaInfo" the message that you would like to respond to, pressed for a long time, would then appear with the "Private Reply" selections – thus "Private Reply".

+++ 01.11.2018: Advertising on WhatsApp from 2019 +++

WhatsApp users need to be strong. But by 2019, the popular messenger service will allow advertising. Whatsapp vice president Chris Daniels is quoted by "Chip.de," saying, "We will advertise in & # 39; status & # 39; the most important monetization mode for the enterprise.It will be an opportunity for enterprise customers to reach people on WhatsApp. "

Group chats and chats obviously should not be affected for now. "Chip.de" calculates – similar to Facebook – with highly personalized advertising. An exact date, which the ad is introduced, is not yet known.

+++ 30.10.2018: WhatsApp-Business for iOS / iPhone +++

So far, WhatsApp Business was only for androidBut according to "Chip.de" the business application in a few days for iOS devices for iPhone will appear. With WhatsApp Business, businesses can connect more easily with their customers. Customer service should be made more efficient.

For example, "Chip.de" is ahead of the Dutch airline KLM, which already works with WhatsApp Business, sending boarding passes or tickets and answering questions from customers. The application should initially be free. However, several subscription plans are already being discussed – that is, the more customers a company uses via WhatsApp Business, the more the service will cost the company.

+++ 23.10.2018: WhatsApp Face Recognition – Users should know that now +++

As reported by "firstpost.com," WhatsApp should be more secure in the future. After many new features, the upcoming WhatsApp update should focus more on the security of iOS devices. In a WABetainfo report, WhatsApp seems to be working to integrate TouchID and FaceID into your application. Messenger privacy settings will soon include a new option called "Require Ring ID." Devices such as iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR will support FaceID.

To open WhatsApp in the future, users must first verify their identity with their TouchID or FaceID. This gives the platform an additional level of security. If any of these authentication methods fail, the phone prompts you for the password. Neither your fingerprints nor your facial data should be sent to WhatsApp servers, say at "firstpost.com." When exactly the new feature is operational, it is currently unclear. The feature is still in the test phase, meaning that iOS users may not be able to see the feature until the next update.

+++ 23.10.2018: New Google Maps feature for WhatsApp +++

With the new Google Maps feature, you can now share your own location via WhatsApp. In addition, contacts can be informed of the likely arrival time. Questions like, "When do you arrive?" From now on, thanks to the new function, they are history. Instead, your contacts can follow your itinerary live from now on. If you get stuck in a traffic jam, your contact will be informed.

You can find the new feature in the Google Maps app at the bottom of the map view. There you choose the menu item "share the progress of the track" and you go there. In addition to the route and the arrival time, the contacts can also see the battery level. The feature can be used not only for car navigation, but also during running or cycling. If you want to use the latest feature, Google Maps for iOS or Android should be updated.

+++ 18.10.2018: Ignore facilitated! WhatsApp works in vacation mode +++

As the well-informed blog "WABetaInfo" informs, WhatsApp will soon expand its service into a vacation mode. Thus, the feature for Android, iOS and Windows Phone would provide the ability to mute individual chats (and workgroups) on vacation. This would make it very easy for users to turn off vacation, but will not receive warnings about new messages. However, the messages were not lost but stored in the background so that, for example, after the holiday, you have the opportunity to see the entire history of "missed" messages. But even for "nasty" contacts, with which you do not want to talk constantly, but at the same time you do not want to block directly, the function can be used.

+++ 10.10.2018: Billions of users hit: massive vulnerability at WhatsApp revealed +++

As reported by the IT portal "heise.de", a huge vulnerability currently threatens billions of WhatsApp messaging users. A team of Google Project Zero experts has discovered a bug that could allow attackers to sabotage your smartphone during a video call, and those who do not have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on their smartphone are potentially at risk from the vulnerability. Users should therefore immediately update their current version of WhatsApp. For iPhones, the latest version of Messenger is 2.18.93, for Android, the latest version of WhatsApp is 2.18.302.


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