Thursday , February 25 2021

WhatsApp launches greater innovation

WhatsApp has been testing its "WhatsApp Payments" payment and transfer function in India since last year. This feature is the biggest innovation that the Facebook subsidiary has launched since its launch. WhatsApp enters for the first time in a completely new segment where it meets competitors like PayPal. Pure payment functions, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, are the innovation of the messaging service. In addition to the new feature is from February 1, the launch of advertising in the WhatsApp possible.

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Zuckerberg confirms international start

Now Mark Zuckerberg has posted a (very long) post due to the presentation of Facebook's current business numbers, where he is announcing that WhatsApp Payments will start in more countries. The release is about to start soon. So, users outside of India can also send money to their friends or contacts. Or pay for services and goods at participating companies. Zuckerberg has not revealed in which countries WhatsApp Payments will start shortly.

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That's how it works

In India, the service works as follows. If you want to use WhatsApp payment, you must first agree to the privacy policy. After that, a list of (Indian) banks that support the WhatsApp payment service will be displayed. Here you now choose the seat of your house. Finally, the account is verified by means of an SMS confirming the telephone number. In India, all WhatsApp payments are processed through the Unified Payments interface.

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WhatsApp Business Integration

After registration, you can send money up to a certain limit directly to your contacts. Of course you can even make money from contacts. Zuckerberg also announced that WhatsApp will also integrate the payment service into the retail version. For them, the payment function is virtually predestined. Small businesses (hairdressers, bakeries, flower shops, cafes, etc.) using WhatsApp Business could have their customers paying directly for the courier.

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If the WhatsApp payment should also start with us, this should cause panic among the previous providers of similar services. With its numerous members, the messenger service simply has tremendous power. If someone wants to use the payment function, in which you have to pass more sensitive data to WhatsApp (and therefore also to Facebook), ultimately, but each one must decide for you. In addition, WhatsApp would have to find partner banks to work with the messaging service. Recently, there have even been reports that Facebook is working on a separate cryptomeo for WhatsApp. Then the payment function would be independent of the banks.

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Possible Advertising

In addition, on February 1, 2019, a deadline that has so far ensured that WhatsApp was free of advertising. The founders of WhatsApp, Jan Koum and Brian Acton, agreed with Mark Zuckerberg on the acquisition of Messengers. The two founders left WhatsApp. Facebook bought the service in 2014 for $ 22 billion. Condition for business: WhatsApp can not advertise or make money in the next five years. This deadline expires on Friday. As reported, WhatsApp reproduces advertising for the time being "only" in the status area. In chats you will not (yet) be disturbed by this. When Facebook launches the WhatsApp update with integrated advertising is still unclear. From now on, however, users should wait at any time.

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