What lies behind "Ute Lehr" and how you should behave


Notice on the number 01719626509 in the WhatsApp Letter Chain: Can "Ute Lehr" destroy my phone ?: About the messaging service "WhatsApp" is currently a letter sent notice of "Ute Lehr". Do users need to worry about their data now when "Ute" responds? inFranken.de maintains the overview Whatsapp,

WhatsApp Chain Letter: "Ute Lehr" with data theft?

The chain letter in the text:Please tell everyone on your list that they should not accept the "Ute Lehr" contact! This is a virus (via whatsapp) that destroys the entire hard drive and pulls down the data, if one of your contacts is hit, you are also affected because you eat through the list! If you call 01719626509, do not pull it! It is a hacker and will affect all your contacts! It was also confirmed this morning by EUROP1 and SAT1!"

This is not the first time chains with these names are circulating. As early as 2017, similar chains circulated in WhatsApp, alerting, for example, "Hannes Bochtler", "Tobias Mathis" or "Marcel Hohmann".

What should I do if I receive the letter in jail?

If you receive the chain letter that advises you before contacting "Ute Lehr", you must delete it and explain to the sender what the fraud is about.

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The technology portal mimikama.at reveals the latest attempt with the clutter of data clutter. As experts report, an almost identical chain with the sinister name "Ute Christoff" has been causing anxiety and horror around the data of many users since 2015.

Is the WhatsApp chain letter dangerous?

As with its predecessors "Ute Lehrs", for example, "Tobias Mathis", the current does not represent danger to the user data. Experts justify this in a very simple way: the attempt, in this way, to fish data, fails technically. You just can not get a virus like that. According to Technology Portal, no contact can access the hard disk of another smartphone.

If you have a Trojan horse in mind, do not forget one thing: To capture such a virus, an installation would be required – but that's not the case in this case! Also the rumor, one could lead to damages, as soon as a friend or other contact is concerned, is fictitious.

"Ute Lehr" on WhatsApp: Anyone calling them will not reach anyone

The author of the current letter "Ute Lehr" is unknown. If you try to reach the number indicated, no one will pick you up on the other side of the line. The Vodafone participant is not currently available, he says.

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